December 26, 2011
A Family and their Donkey

   After months of working and suffering under that blazing sun on those fields, it’s appropriate that I and my grateful family take a nice vacation.

   Let’s travel around our wonderful and beautiful region." said the joyful father.

And to think that I was looking forward to relax on my comfy aye stack. No rest for the working donkey.

  We crossed the silent desert before sunrise and fortunately for me I was transporting two not so heavy bags on the sides and my owners’ twelve year old son on my back. The couple meanwhile, decided to walk alongside. Obviously, I would ride them on my back as well, but they humbly kept in perspective that I’m not like my cousin the horse. 

  By early sunrise, we arrived through the first village. It was very occupied people begun putting out their merchandises and preparing to sell them. We walked by this legumes market and the owner, a elderly men with his wife give us a hostile look of disapproval. It was as if we were committing a wrongful sin. Regardless of this, the father in good spirit said…

   "Good mourning my fellow neighbors."

 The women remained quiet while the old men with an attitude responded; "Why are you letting that damn spoiled brat ride on that donkey? You and your wife are much too old to be pulling that stubborn animal around."

We immediately distant ourselves from the market and the mother became very emotionally upset.

 "Do not let people speak ill of our child." she told the father.   

 The father took his son off my back and instead mounted himself on it. “Well, it was light while it lasted" as I bowed my head with some discouragement. At least on the bright side the next village wasn’t that far down the road. 

 The sun was shinning all of his mighty yellow color as we continued on with our journey. We shortly arrived at the second village apparently there was some kind of a theater play going on…

Barbarian: (on one knee and begs) My dearest beauty since the first moment I lay my eyes on you I’ve been stricken by the mighty arrow of love. I want you to be the queen of my heart for eternity.

Princess: (unsure, looks away) Oh honorable one, sadly my heart does not share the same sentiments

Barbarian: How could this be? I’ve defeated hundreds of armies, conquered countless countries and came back with precious treasures all for you. Why your heart closing their gates on me?

Princess: Because my heart cannot be obtained by man’s egotistic accolades. During all those time we’d spent knowing each other our vision, our tastes and our emotions not once ever praised each other. At times, I would be malcontent about this self-fraud I would inflict upon you. Please understand that this deep desire you have for me will unfortunately never come true. 

Barbarian: (angry he stands up) If you do not desire me then what do you desire my majesty? (He looks at the crowd) perhaps this old peasant that is comfortably installed on that donkey…

  Oh, the plot intensifies. I’m not a big partisan of improv, but I got to say those actors are great.

Barbarian: (continues with his rant)… This fool probably made his miserable wife and child walk the entire way. Is that what your heart truly desires? A classless man like him?

Princess: Enough, you have no right to speak this way of this family…                            

  I had the feeling that the father had seen and heard enough of the belittlement from the play and from the crowd. So we decided to continue on with our journey. Upon arriving outside the village, the father decided it would be more suitable that the mother ride on my back instead. "Barbarians got such massive egos…" I told myself while I’m trying to get rid of those annoying flies.

  The third village was well known for its wonderful and refreshing river. Some say that the river is true pure that Kings around the country would send their servants to bring large quantities back to their respective kingdom. Our water supplies were drying up, while the mother and the boy were eating bread, the father and I went to refill our bottles. As he was putting bottles in the water, a group of women from the village settled right next to us.

  You poor man.” said one of the women. "After walking long distances all day, you must also do all work while she does nothing?" she included.

And the poor child witnessing this, what to expect from such a mother!" the other woman said.  

  I’ve been part of this family for a certain time now and I know the father well enough to not react to ignorant behavior from others but rather feel disappointed at them and at the same time remain full of good faith. "Thank you for your concerns."  He said while packing up the supplies on my back sides. We shortly rejoined the mother and the little boy. 

"Let’s all travel on the donkey." the father said out of nowhere… Wait, what?            

 So here I was having not one, not two, but three humans riding on my back. And lets not forget the bags I’m caring along.

"Eeyore!, Eeyore!, Eeyore!" I justifiably brayed when the heavy load was becoming a burden.

  Nevertheless, I kept in mind that they’re been unfairly judge by everybody all day long for no good reason. So as their animal, it’s my duty to show my loyalty to the family no matter what. Upon reaching the next village, the villagers wasted little time to express their opinions…

"They’re more lazy than the beast itself!" said a loud-mouth brute.

"They’ll break his spine!" said a concerned elderly lady.

  As for the rest, they all had began yelling and screaming "Get off that poor animal!"  Long story short, we were completely cursed out of that village. 

 Once we were out of that hostile environment, all three decided to get off and all walk beside me. Well at least now we won’t get berated anymore.

    Eeyore! Was I dead wrong.

  Through the next town, a bunch of adolescents looked at us walking by and one of them with a smile on his face said; "Look at these three idiots walking on foot, when they have a donkey that can carry them." 

  The rest of his comrades picked up stones and for amusement began to throw them at us. One of the rocks hit me hard in the right eye. Not once the thought of savagely running away and leaving my family behind crossed my mind. Like them I also continued to endure the unnecessary torments.   

 Night had fallen, we decided to halt for the day and camp out near a boulder. We were all glad that this awful day ended especially me. I can barely open my right eye. So I’m only left with the left one to watch the brightness of the full moon. The son decided to join me and help out with my injured eye.

  "Here, this wet scarf will ease the pain…"  He gently padded it on my eye and it was a great relieve.

  "Always they will criticize you and say evil things. It’ll be hard to find someone who is satisfied with your spirit whatever action you take." 

  Do you know the cure for these epidemic young men? I straight told him, in a soliloquy sequence of course. 

  "Live like you always imagine it; do what your heart tells you; and most of all, do as you feel.”

  While the boy looked at the full moon, an interesting thought came into my head. Our lives is like that theater piece we seen earlier with the only difference, it does not allow repetitions. We should enjoy life to the fullest; sing, laugh, dance, and love every moment of life before the curtain falls and the performance ends without any applause.

  “I see you’re not only physically recovered but your knowledge as well. Sleep well my loyal friend.”  The boy told me before rejoining his parents.

 Wait, he was right. I no longer have pain in my eye and I’ve been enlightened. With many conversations of God’s child walking among us can it be that this young boy is…

In second thought, it’s been a long day and I’m deeply tired.

 So to a goodnight sleep this family and their donkey goes. 


                   Special thanks to Traduction J. Hache, for the inspiration.  

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