January 9, 2012
Why try to die?

The very last time I had written poetry

It was for this girl whom I though liked me

Her name was Melanie

And she rejected me.

But that was a century ago

I moved on ever since.

This poem is for my Amigo

A true great friend

I first met him in High School

This dude was already your buddy before you knew it

Even though back then he was nerdier then cool,

His likeable personality made him the person you wanted to hangout with.

While time would change

So did his appearances

During that period he became negligent

He unfortunately faced the deadly consequences

Why you had to be fancy with the bike?

You aint Speedy Gonzalez or the Flash

Why try to die?

Seeing you on that hospital bed all broken and lifeless brought tears in my eyes.

Thank heaven there is a God

And he made the right choice to keep you with us

I know for sure you kept that life lesson in your heart

We love you brah.

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