March 16, 2012
Wet & Wild

I was in the gym, not working out but doing my work cleaning up the floor, picking up the plates, dumbbells, and all the heavy equipments. As an employee I’m always obligated to knock on the women’s locker room door. Gently knocked twice and nobody was there. So I walks in took the trash container and as I was about to leave, the shower was turned on. Shortly after the drapes were slide opened and there she was.

A fit model looking women covered in a bright pink colored towel with a dark chocolate brunette hair styled in a delicious bun. I was totally caught off guard by that shit, I was like “my bad, my bad, I thought nobody was in here” but she was cool about it. In fact she was so laid back that she gently started speaking en espagnol. Her Spanish was so sophisticated that I thought I was talking to Shakira. Anyhow, her gorgeous hazel eyes were deadlocked on me and she said…”ven a limpiar mi coño”. I say something corny like “I did not take Spanish classes back in high school so can you repeat that in English?” Her cute delicious lips were moving and saying… “Come play with my cat.” I’m like; “ok cool” took my clothes off in a record-breaking time and followed the cat in the shower.

The water was hitting her body beautifully that made it drippy and wet everywhere. Her tits were so soft that I wanted to squeeze them as if they were play doe. The bun was gone but her long beautiful hair showed itself up at the perfect time. She grabbed my big hand took two of my fingers and guided them directly into her kitty cat. The orgasms coming out of her were so off the charts that the entire neighborhood could hear her screaming pleasurably. I then proceeded to take my fingers out and start making out with her pussycat and then started to humped her viciously from the back as if it was the last night of our lives.   


When it was over, the dream was over. I woke up, and said…Man was she wet and wild or not. 

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